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Recover change initiatives that have slipped out of control

Discovery, Analysis, Business case, Scope, Budget, Time, QA, RAID, Stakeholder engagement, Supplier management, P&L management. Reporting

Turnaround: Services

Case Studies

Client A developed a Business Continuity plan and invested in a failover data centre. The incumbent supplier struggled to organise a representative failover test to validate the new investment.  We resolved this issue by systematically quantifying the core business continuity services and representing them in a controlled test harness to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new data centre.  By some coincidence, one of the client’s live data centres suffered a major incident within 4 weeks of the failover over test, demanding a live invocation of the business continuity plan.  Fortunately our recent experience in testing the new data centre assured a successful outcome for this incident.

Client B wanted to modernise a key application service in functionality & performance.  The incumbent supplier struggled to navigate the interface between the client’s waterfall project approach and the supplier’s agile delivery approach.  We resolved this issue by delivering a hybrid framework that used the benefits of both.  Use waterfall to secure a mandate: budget, time and delegate authority, from the business stakeholders, then use agile to deliver incremental improvements to the application with iterative business evaluation of the requirements backlog to maintain relevance with the evolving business priorities.

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